100,000 Miles by I.C. RED Mixed, Mastered & Ready For iTunes!

I am happy to report that “100,000 Miles” is finished and will be available for download next week on iTunes and all the digital vendors. You can listen to the completed track below on soundcloud. This song really turned into something we are very proud of.ICRED_100000_Miles WEBSITE It was always a favorite of ours to play and was a very early song written by I.C. RED. I think we wrote it in Dave Nauth’s parents garage in Kirkland, Quebec in 1989. But it was a mainstay for a while. Mainly for it’s ominous groove and Bob (Vann’s) amazing lyrics. You really need to listen to the words of this baby…it takes you on a real journey (“300 miles in the ice cold”).

The original mix was a mix of what we recorded in 1992 and Bob told me he had a few ideas. This song marks the first time we have messed with an older track (reworked a few parts). But using the content recorded Bob moved some of the vocals around, moved some guitars, and essentially used what we had recorded. It was and is brilliant. He then added a few synth items that make the song very powerful. Bob-Vann is truly an awesome talent.

For my part, I did re-record the bass guitar, but only because the original was too distorted from the original recording. It did not survive the transfer to digital well.

The amazing part of redoing the bass, was, I picked up my bass guitar and was able to play the song from beginning to end and it only took me 4 takes to record. 20 years later. That’s really messed up.

I then babied this mix for a few days to get it just right. I did have a few challenges. Bob used part of my mix to rework the song, so I could not re work some parts when it came back to me (like the ride cymbal is a little too loud…but to change it would never happen…so we live with it).

Anyway, it will be on iTunes next week. Enjoy it now below. It really is a great representation of what we know how to do. This was all I.C. RED with our buddy Gavin engineering. I was 21 Bob was 23 and Gavin was 57 (kidding Gavin was maybe 30, he was always old).

Burton out.

“100,000 Miles”

Second Release Song Facts

Song: 100,000 Miles
Artist: I.C. RED
Writers: Ryan Burton, David Nauth & Robert Vann
Musicians: Ryan Burton Bass Guitar, Rob Bassenden Drums, Robert Vann Guitars, Vocals, Additional production noises, & Back-up Vocals.
Producers: Ryan Burton & Robert Vann
Engineer: Gavin Fernandes


Recorded November 1992 Starbase Studios Montreal, Quebec Canada
Additional Recording Ravann Studios Montreal & Burton Sound Atlanta, Georgia July 2013
Mixed at Burton Sound Atlanta, Georgia July & August 2013
Mastered in Nashville at Sage Audio

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