100,000 Miles Hits iTunes

ICRED_100000_Miles WEBSITEIt’s been a long journey, 100,000 miles even, but finally, another I.C. RED song has hit iTunes. We are especially proud of this one. The song facts are below, but I will tell you, this could be a song about how much time it took us to reach the destination of releasing it.

We hope you enjoy! Check it out on Soundcloud. Download on iTunes. Thanks!

“100,000 Miles”

Second Release Song Facts

Song: 100,000 Miles
Artist: I.C. RED
Writers: Ryan Burton, David Nauth & Robert Vann
Musicians: Ryan Burton Bass Guitar, Rob Bassenden Drums, Robert Vann Guitars, Vocals, Additional production noises, & Back-up Vocals.
Producers: Ryan Burton & Robert Vann
Engineer: Gavin Fernandes


Recorded November 1992 Starbase Studios Montreal, Quebec Canada
Additional Recording Ravann Studios Montreal & Burton Sound Atlanta, Georgia July 2013
Mixed at Burton Sound Atlanta, Georgia July & August 2013
Mastered in Nashville at Sage Audio

Click the image to go to iTunes.

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