100,000 Miles Video

Ok, well, I had fun today! I took my HD camera and shot a video for “100,000 Miles” (the song will be available on iTunes Monday-Tuesday August 12th or 13th, 2013). The video cost about $31…and those were hard costs at Toys R Us to purchase Captain Action and the toy boat.

videoI then ventured out to find a location. I knew I needed water. I ended up at Lanier Park in Buford GA on Lake Lanier (or Buford Park) and went down to the beach area. I found a quiet spot and shot. The video seems very funny to me…based around a serious song. Anyway, I laughed a lot making it. I hope you enjoy it.

You can see the little “ear” shape on the left in the picture above, that’s where I was…all alone working. Click on the picture to see the location on Google Maps. Enjoy. Share. Enjoy!

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