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Help I.C. RED “Fight” Childhood Cancer in the month of September

Thanks for visiting. I.C. RED singer/guitarist VANN & bassist Ryan Burton (me) reunited for a project called Sometimes You Gotta Fight with proceeds to CURE Childhood Cancer. It is released under VANN’s name. Watch the video below. The song is available in all digital stores.

Love Sucks by I.C. RED is mastered and released on Bandcamp!

August 23rd, 2013: Announcing the first ever release of Montreal Band I.C. RED’s 1992 rock anti-love anthem “Love Sucks”. Written by VANN for I.C. RED during a period of, well, love sucking. You can download it on Bandcamp today. Check it out. Listen to the song right here (and click “buy” to download):

IC RED - Love Sucks Cover (1)For those of you that have been following us on this blog, you may be wondering if we are going to release each song off “Now Where Were We?” one at a time and then release the album?  (CASH GRAB) Well, it certainly appears that way! But I don’t know if we will?  I think I will mix a batch of songs and master them over a few day period and then sit on them until the album is ready. But ultimately, there will be an album where you can order them all at once.  In the meantime, it has been fun to work on one, master it, and then release it. So here’s “Love Sucks”. Lot’s of love went into “Love Sucks”. Irony.

Song Release Facts

Song: Love Sucks
Artist: I.C. RED
Writer: Robert Vann
Musicians: Ryan Burton Bass Guitar, Rob Bassenden Drums, Robert Vann Guitars, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals & Heartbreak, Edwin on Piano, Female vocalist’s name not remembered…hey it was 1992.
Producers: Ryan Burton & Robert Vann
Engineer: Gavin Fernandes


Recorded November 1992 Starbase Studios Montreal, Quebec Canada
Mixed by Ryan Burton at Burton Sound Atlanta, Georgia August 2013
Mastered in Nashville at Sage Audio

Next up, “Love Sucks”

IC RED - Love Sucks Cover (1)It is with excitement that I announce, next up, “Love Sucks”. This is a real fun song. And I think came out very nicely in it’s recording back in 1992. This song was written by VANN (all alone). He originally recorded it on a Fostex 4 Track recorded with only 1 electric guitar and a vocal track. I loved it so much that I played it that week on my radio show on 90.3 FM CKUT in Montreal. It was such a cool track. I can’t remember how much we changed the song as it evolved but I know I worked tirelessly with Rob Bassenden to get all the drum parts right, and we worked out the arrangement over many live shows. But what happened in the studio with this song was very cool. It all recorded well and then we decided to add piano. A musician by the name of Edwin came in the studio (last name unknown) and played a honky tonk style piano that really killed.

The real challenge with this mix was the tape hiss from the digital transfer. I had to do an incredible amount of editing just to get the hiss out. In the part where it goes from heavy to soft (the break down near the end…where Vann says “without luck…love sucks”)…was so messy…it took forever to clean up.

Anyway, this is a good one. We hope you enjoy it.  Coming soon!!!!!

I.C. RED hits Bandcamp, just like Toad

It was another beautiful day here in Atlanta (if you like rain). Kidding aside, it was a great day. I was out doing my marketing thing (which I love) as the rain continued to set records in Atlanta.

Toad+The+Wet+SprocketMy favorite group these days is Toad The Wet Sprocket. No it’s not 1994, although it really feels like it. They were one of my favorites back in 1994. With me working on the I.C. RED album (that was recorded in 1992 – 1993) and Toad the Wet Sprocket having a resurgence here in this new media age (social media, internet, distribution) it very well could be 1994.

As I have followed Toad through their $250K Kickstarter campaign I have wandered into their other channels. I already have Facebook, Twitter & Google down, but they introduced me to Bandcamp. Bandcamp is a website where artists can sell their music directly to their fans with a lower margin hit (iTunes charges 30% Bandcamp charges 10-15%). It’s brilliant, just like Toad the Wet Sprocket. (I really wish I was 21 again and had a band today. It really is a great time to be an artist).

Anyway, back to Toad. These guys are such a great band. Their new album “New Constellation” is beautifully recorded (Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Mikal Blue – Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, Five For Fighting and OneRepublic). It also sounds like Toad from 1994. Heck from 1988. These guys have remained true. Now yeah, they did break up for 16 years, but that’s just a detail (actually it’s a detail that explains why I.C. RED never was…the music business lacks artistry. It will wear you down). But Toad is back now, and hopefully here to stay.

Now Bandcamp. I.C. RED will release our music there as well. So thanks Toad. Appreciate the idea.

And on another topic (boy the topics are flying in this blog post) you can take a minute to notice the similar chord changes in “100,000 Miles” & “Fall Down” – Toad the Wet Sprocket’s 1994 hit song. This is something that Vann has pointed out to me many times over the years. And FYI “100,000 Miles” was written in 1989 and recorded in 1992 years before we ever heard Toad’s tune (so know we did not copy Toad…we actually copied a 1986 release by Kool Moe Dee called “Bad Mutha”…you know I’m kidding). Although I’d like to believe there is some star crossed connection between us and Toad on “100,000 Miles”. Like some sort of new constellation. Ok, I was reaching there…Go Toad! Go I.C. RED!

You can hear “Fall Down” at this link (scroll down on the left):

PS – It’s D, F, C, G…or variations of…:)

100,000 Miles Hits iTunes

ICRED_100000_Miles WEBSITEIt’s been a long journey, 100,000 miles even, but finally, another I.C. RED song has hit iTunes. We are especially proud of this one. The song facts are below, but I will tell you, this could be a song about how much time it took us to reach the destination of releasing it.

We hope you enjoy! Check it out on Soundcloud. Download on iTunes. Thanks!

“100,000 Miles”

Second Release Song Facts

Song: 100,000 Miles
Artist: I.C. RED
Writers: Ryan Burton, David Nauth & Robert Vann
Musicians: Ryan Burton Bass Guitar, Rob Bassenden Drums, Robert Vann Guitars, Vocals, Additional production noises, & Back-up Vocals.
Producers: Ryan Burton & Robert Vann
Engineer: Gavin Fernandes


Recorded November 1992 Starbase Studios Montreal, Quebec Canada
Additional Recording Ravann Studios Montreal & Burton Sound Atlanta, Georgia July 2013
Mixed at Burton Sound Atlanta, Georgia July & August 2013
Mastered in Nashville at Sage Audio

Click the image to go to iTunes.

100,000 Miles Video

Ok, well, I had fun today! I took my HD camera and shot a video for “100,000 Miles” (the song will be available on iTunes Monday-Tuesday August 12th or 13th, 2013). The video cost about $31…and those were hard costs at Toys R Us to purchase Captain Action and the toy boat.

videoI then ventured out to find a location. I knew I needed water. I ended up at Lanier Park in Buford GA on Lake Lanier (or Buford Park) and went down to the beach area. I found a quiet spot and shot. The video seems very funny to me…based around a serious song. Anyway, I laughed a lot making it. I hope you enjoy it.

You can see the little “ear” shape on the left in the picture above, that’s where I was…all alone working. Click on the picture to see the location on Google Maps. Enjoy. Share. Enjoy!

100,000 Miles by I.C. RED Mixed, Mastered & Ready For iTunes!

I am happy to report that “100,000 Miles” is finished and will be available for download next week on iTunes and all the digital vendors. You can listen to the completed track below on soundcloud. This song really turned into something we are very proud of.ICRED_100000_Miles WEBSITE It was always a favorite of ours to play and was a very early song written by I.C. RED. I think we wrote it in Dave Nauth’s parents garage in Kirkland, Quebec in 1989. But it was a mainstay for a while. Mainly for it’s ominous groove and Bob (Vann’s) amazing lyrics. You really need to listen to the words of this baby…it takes you on a real journey (“300 miles in the ice cold”).

The original mix was a mix of what we recorded in 1992 and Bob told me he had a few ideas. This song marks the first time we have messed with an older track (reworked a few parts). But using the content recorded Bob moved some of the vocals around, moved some guitars, and essentially used what we had recorded. It was and is brilliant. He then added a few synth items that make the song very powerful. Bob-Vann is truly an awesome talent.

For my part, I did re-record the bass guitar, but only because the original was too distorted from the original recording. It did not survive the transfer to digital well.

The amazing part of redoing the bass, was, I picked up my bass guitar and was able to play the song from beginning to end and it only took me 4 takes to record. 20 years later. That’s really messed up.

I then babied this mix for a few days to get it just right. I did have a few challenges. Bob used part of my mix to rework the song, so I could not re work some parts when it came back to me (like the ride cymbal is a little too loud…but to change it would never happen…so we live with it).

Anyway, it will be on iTunes next week. Enjoy it now below. It really is a great representation of what we know how to do. This was all I.C. RED with our buddy Gavin engineering. I was 21 Bob was 23 and Gavin was 57 (kidding Gavin was maybe 30, he was always old).

Burton out.

“100,000 Miles”

Second Release Song Facts

Song: 100,000 Miles
Artist: I.C. RED
Writers: Ryan Burton, David Nauth & Robert Vann
Musicians: Ryan Burton Bass Guitar, Rob Bassenden Drums, Robert Vann Guitars, Vocals, Additional production noises, & Back-up Vocals.
Producers: Ryan Burton & Robert Vann
Engineer: Gavin Fernandes


Recorded November 1992 Starbase Studios Montreal, Quebec Canada
Additional Recording Ravann Studios Montreal & Burton Sound Atlanta, Georgia July 2013
Mixed at Burton Sound Atlanta, Georgia July & August 2013
Mastered in Nashville at Sage Audio

Working on a story (get Adrien Brody)

In the middle of all the I.C. RED mixing and writing excitement I finished a song of mine that I wrote in 2006. Finally had the chance to record it and mix it up.Photo on 2013-07-26 at 21.32 Expect it up on iTunes next week.

The I.C. RED mixing continues. Wait until you hear some of the cool things brewing. We will deliver a strong album that you will enjoy. My personal guarantee. (I feel like a commercial).

I will say what VANN did to 100,000 Miles is nothing short of brilliant. I am too excited to have it released. Oh, my tune is nice also. It’s here…listen. Do I look like Adrien Brody? I swear when I wrote it, I sat there saying “who could play me in the movie, about my love story…” yes I cast Adrien Brody as me. I know…It’s all too much.

*My beautiful little 4 year old stepdaughter Callie has provided the CD cover art for the single. Buy on iTunes, click below.


Now Where Were We? The Song

After 20 years you’d think that mixing these I.C. RED songs would be a walk in the park. But it’s not. Each song has a unique challenge. Recording levels. Multiple parts. Remembering the parts. Tape hiss from aged tapes transferred to digital. Impatient engineer. Ok, I had to throw in that last one.

All this aside, I am making progress on the mix. In my last update I gave you the track listing. Today I worked briefly on “Who’s Wanting Now?” and also “Too Much Too Soon”.

ICREDEarlyDays1I am excited about our new tune. It will feature original drummer Dave Nauth playing drums in his new hometown of London, England. Vann recording and adding production in I.C. RED hometown of Montreal and me, recording bass, some additional elements and mixing here in Dacula (Atlanta) Georgia. So it’s very cool. And Vann, the genius that he is, came up with the idea of writing a song called “Now Where Were We?” I love it! So we are making progress.

Vann requested some pieces of 100,000 be sent to him in Montreal to do a few overdubs, so I sent them, and he is working on it. I think there may be more of that as we go. He is such a perfectionist that it is hard for him to overlook things he can fix or change. However, time is an enemy, so it’s best to move on sometimes.

We are making progress and having fun. Dave (drummer) and I talked on the phone for a while the other night about the drum parts. He called me from his parents house in Montreal, they have the same phone number. So when I picked up I said “you’re kidding me…you’re at your parents” (where we also rehearsed for a few years).

Dave and Vann also visited in Montreal yesterday while Dave was in town. All very special. We will always have a bond, and it’s as strong as ever. You can’t stop something that was meant to be. And in this case, it’s something for us. Very special.

I hope you (you reading this) download the album when it’s released and know how special the recording is…I hope you can also see that there is something special when the 3 of us work together.

I digress…until next time.

Mixing 100,000 Miles & Who’s Wanting Now

Sunday was all about the family. Our littlest angel has a cold and is cutting teeth so we had to be surfing that wave all day. However,Daddy Mixing with Little Angel I did sneak a few hours of mixing for “Now Where Were We?” Today I was able to get some organizing done on a few favorites “100,000 Miles” & “Who’s Wanting Now”. Generally my mixing process has evolved to me grouping different areas of the song. I will group vocals for a verse, for the bridge and then group the chorus. I then mix the “bed” of the track and then go back and focus on each area. I try to get common thread sounds (so they don’t sound like different songs thru the song) and the make each portion work. I have found this to be the most peaceful and organized way to do it. We recorded the tracks on a 24 Track Tape Machine, so many of the parts are sitting on the same track. So a big part of what I am doing is to give everything it’s own track. So it went from 24 tracks per song to 32-42. It’s all very manageable.

Anyway, I said I would give updates, and here you go! Tracks that we are down the road on in 2 weeks are:

  1. We’ll Make it Right
  2. Who’s Wanting Now
  3. Won’t Go Down Easy (Released on iTunes etc)
  4. When The Bullets Fly
  5. 100,000 Miles

Full Track Listing For “Now Where Were We?”(No Specific Order):

  1. I Burn For You
  2. Getting Over
  3. Too Much Too Soon
  4. We’ll Make it Right
  5. Who’s Wanting Now
  6. Won’t Go Down Easy (Released on iTunes etc)
  7. When The Bullets Fly
  8. 100,000 Miles
  9. Hating Game
  10. All We Need Is To Be With You
  11. Love Sucks
  12. Big Fat & Greasy Blues
  13. More Than Destiny
  14. Unnamed New Track*