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Help I.C. RED “Fight” Childhood Cancer in the month of September

Thanks for visiting. I.C. RED singer/guitarist VANN & bassist Ryan Burton (me) reunited for a project called Sometimes You Gotta Fight with proceeds to CURE Childhood Cancer. It is released under VANN’s name. Watch the video below. The song is available in all digital stores.

Love Sucks by I.C. RED is mastered and released on Bandcamp!

August 23rd, 2013: Announcing the first ever release of Montreal Band I.C. RED’s 1992 rock anti-love anthem “Love Sucks”. Written by VANN for I.C. RED during a period of, well, love sucking. You can download it on Bandcamp today. Check it out. Listen to the song right here (and click “buy” to download): Love Sucks by […]

Next up, “Love Sucks”

It is with excitement that I announce, next up, “Love Sucks”. This is a real fun song. And I think came out very nicely in it’s recording back in 1992. This song was written by VANN (all alone). He originally recorded it on a Fostex 4 Track recorded with only 1 electric guitar and a […]

I.C. RED hits Bandcamp, just like Toad

It was another beautiful day here in Atlanta (if you like rain). Kidding aside, it was a great day. I was out doing my marketing thing (which I love) as the rain continued to set records in Atlanta. My favorite group these days is Toad The Wet Sprocket. No it’s not 1994, although it really […]


100,000 Miles Hits iTunes

It’s been a long journey, 100,000 miles even, but finally, another I.C. RED song has hit iTunes. We are especially proud of this one. The song facts are below, but I will tell you, this could be a song about how much time it took us to reach the destination of releasing it. We hope […]

100,000 Miles Video

Ok, well, I had fun today! I took my HD camera and shot a video for “100,000 Miles” (the song will be available on iTunes Monday-Tuesday August 12th or 13th, 2013). The video cost about $31…and those were hard costs at Toys R Us to purchase Captain Action and the toy boat. I then ventured […]

100,000 Miles by I.C. RED Mixed, Mastered & Ready For iTunes!

I am happy to report that “100,000 Miles” is finished and will be available for download next week on iTunes and all the digital vendors. You can listen to the completed track below on soundcloud. This song really turned into something we are very proud of. It was always a favorite of ours to play […]

Working on a story (get Adrien Brody)

In the middle of all the I.C. RED mixing and writing excitement I finished a song of mine that I wrote in 2006. Finally had the chance to record it and mix it up. Expect it up on iTunes next week. The I.C. RED mixing continues. Wait until you hear some of the cool things […]

Now Where Were We? The Song

After 20 years you’d think that mixing these I.C. RED songs would be a walk in the park. But it’s not. Each song has a unique challenge. Recording levels. Multiple parts. Remembering the parts. Tape hiss from aged tapes transferred to digital. Impatient engineer. Ok, I had to throw in that last one. All this […]

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Mixing 100,000 Miles & Who’s Wanting Now

Sunday was all about the family. Our littlest angel has a cold and is cutting teeth so we had to be surfing that wave all day. However, I did sneak a few hours of mixing for “Now Where Were We?” Today I was able to get some organizing done on a few favorites “100,000 Miles” […]