Love Sucks by I.C. RED is mastered and released on Bandcamp!

August 23rd, 2013: Announcing the first ever release of Montreal Band I.C. RED’s 1992 rock anti-love anthem “Love Sucks”. Written by VANN for I.C. RED during a period of, well, love sucking. You can download it on Bandcamp today. Check it out. Listen to the song right here (and click “buy” to download):

IC RED - Love Sucks Cover (1)For those of you that have been following us on this blog, you may be wondering if we are going to release each song off “Now Where Were We?” one at a time and then release the album?  (CASH GRAB) Well, it certainly appears that way! But I don’t know if we will?  I think I will mix a batch of songs and master them over a few day period and then sit on them until the album is ready. But ultimately, there will be an album where you can order them all at once.  In the meantime, it has been fun to work on one, master it, and then release it. So here’s “Love Sucks”. Lot’s of love went into “Love Sucks”. Irony.

Song Release Facts

Song: Love Sucks
Artist: I.C. RED
Writer: Robert Vann
Musicians: Ryan Burton Bass Guitar, Rob Bassenden Drums, Robert Vann Guitars, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals & Heartbreak, Edwin on Piano, Female vocalist’s name not remembered…hey it was 1992.
Producers: Ryan Burton & Robert Vann
Engineer: Gavin Fernandes


Recorded November 1992 Starbase Studios Montreal, Quebec Canada
Mixed by Ryan Burton at Burton Sound Atlanta, Georgia August 2013
Mastered in Nashville at Sage Audio

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