Mixing 100,000 Miles & Who’s Wanting Now

Sunday was all about the family. Our littlest angel has a cold and is cutting teeth so we had to be surfing that wave all day. However,Daddy Mixing with Little Angel I did sneak a few hours of mixing for “Now Where Were We?” Today I was able to get some organizing done on a few favorites “100,000 Miles” & “Who’s Wanting Now”. Generally my mixing process has evolved to me grouping different areas of the song. I will group vocals for a verse, for the bridge and then group the chorus. I then mix the “bed” of the track and then go back and focus on each area. I try to get common thread sounds (so they don’t sound like different songs thru the song) and the make each portion work. I have found this to be the most peaceful and organized way to do it. We recorded the tracks on a 24 Track Tape Machine, so many of the parts are sitting on the same track. So a big part of what I am doing is to give everything it’s own track. So it went from 24 tracks per song to 32-42. It’s all very manageable.

Anyway, I said I would give updates, and here you go! Tracks that we are down the road on in 2 weeks are:

  1. We’ll Make it Right
  2. Who’s Wanting Now
  3. Won’t Go Down Easy (Released on iTunes etc)
  4. When The Bullets Fly
  5. 100,000 Miles

Full Track Listing For “Now Where Were We?”(No Specific Order):

  1. I Burn For You
  2. Getting Over
  3. Too Much Too Soon
  4. We’ll Make it Right
  5. Who’s Wanting Now
  6. Won’t Go Down Easy (Released on iTunes etc)
  7. When The Bullets Fly
  8. 100,000 Miles
  9. Hating Game
  10. All We Need Is To Be With You
  11. Love Sucks
  12. Big Fat & Greasy Blues
  13. More Than Destiny
  14. Unnamed New Track*

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