Next up, “Love Sucks”

IC RED - Love Sucks Cover (1)It is with excitement that I announce, next up, “Love Sucks”. This is a real fun song. And I think came out very nicely in it’s recording back in 1992. This song was written by VANN (all alone). He originally recorded it on a Fostex 4 Track recorded with only 1 electric guitar and a vocal track. I loved it so much that I played it that week on my radio show on 90.3 FM CKUT in Montreal. It was such a cool track. I can’t remember how much we changed the song as it evolved but I know I worked tirelessly with Rob Bassenden to get all the drum parts right, and we worked out the arrangement over many live shows. But what happened in the studio with this song was very cool. It all recorded well and then we decided to add piano. A musician by the name of Edwin came in the studio (last name unknown) and played a honky tonk style piano that really killed.

The real challenge with this mix was the tape hiss from the digital transfer. I had to do an incredible amount of editing just to get the hiss out. In the part where it goes from heavy to soft (the break down near the end…where Vann says “without luck…love sucks”)…was so messy…it took forever to clean up.

Anyway, this is a good one. We hope you enjoy it.  Coming soon!!!!!

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