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Now Where Were We? The Song

After 20 years you’d think that mixing these I.C. RED songs would be a walk in the park. But it’s not. Each song has a unique challenge. Recording levels. Multiple parts. Remembering the parts. Tape hiss from aged tapes transferred to digital. Impatient engineer. Ok, I had to throw in that last one.

All this aside, I am making progress on the mix. In my last update I gave you the track listing. Today I worked briefly on “Who’s Wanting Now?” and also “Too Much Too Soon”.

ICREDEarlyDays1I am excited about our new tune. It will feature original drummer Dave Nauth playing drums in his new hometown of London, England. Vann recording and adding production in I.C. RED hometown of Montreal and me, recording bass, some additional elements and mixing here in Dacula (Atlanta) Georgia. So it’s very cool. And Vann, the genius that he is, came up with the idea of writing a song called “Now Where Were We?” I love it! So we are making progress.

Vann requested some pieces of 100,000 be sent to him in Montreal to do a few overdubs, so I sent them, and he is working on it. I think there may be more of that as we go. He is such a perfectionist that it is hard for him to overlook things he can fix or change. However, time is an enemy, so it’s best to move on sometimes.

We are making progress and having fun. Dave (drummer) and I talked on the phone for a while the other night about the drum parts. He called me from his parents house in Montreal, they have the same phone number. So when I picked up I said “you’re kidding me…you’re at your parents” (where we also rehearsed for a few years).

Dave and Vann also visited in Montreal yesterday while Dave was in town. All very special. We will always have a bond, and it’s as strong as ever. You can’t stop something that was meant to be. And in this case, it’s something for us. Very special.

I hope you (you reading this) download the album when it’s released and know how special the recording is…I hope you can also see that there is something special when the 3 of us work together.

I digress…until next time.

Why release “Now Where Were We?”

While walking thru Reel 2 Real Studios in Jonesboro, Georgia in February of 2012 I saw a 2′ Tape machine and asked why they still had it around. Bill Turpin & Steve Rawls told me “it’s for when bands want to dub their tapes to digital”. My response was “you can do that?”

Thus began the “Now Where Were We?” project.

In 1992 I.C. RED was an up and coming rock band based in Montreal, Canada. We had payed many dues, met many cool (the right) people, and seemed to be headed in the right direction.

So we decided to embark on recording an album. Back in those days there was no Internet, no digital releases, no good home studios. Everything you needed cost big money and was owned by someone else.Burton Sound Atlanta Georgia 2013 We tried to comply with that world, we started a record company, found a studio, and started to produce our own album. It was cool. But we really did it wrong.

Due to many reasons, the project came undone and we never finished it or released it.

None of this is blaming any one person. Really if it was anyone’s fault things didn’t work out, it was mine. I made many bad tactical decisions (I was 22-23) but we saw friends have great success with a few good decisions (and people) but we made bad decisions. As a matter of fact, those same people called me and I elected to go a different route.

So we end up here. All the bitterness gone and life has moved way forward. I sent the masters to Studio Piccolo in Montreal and had the digital masters sent to me here in Georgia. And now finally I am getting things done.

The real reason for completing this is for our kids, for our friends and for each other. We were a good band. Vann is a wonderful writer and the drummers we had in the band were great. If I had to choose between these tapes sitting in a closet in Beaconsfield, Quebec or living on iTunes, well you know what I think.

It’s all for fun. All because it’s the right thing to do. Because we can. Digital has made it all too simple.

There are 14 tracks and it seems that they are all worth a mix and master. So we will release them all. “Won’t Go Down Easy” is the first release and it is on iTunes now.

I am hopeful that you enjoy this music, and I will try to write posts as we go thru the process.

Please leave comments and know that lots of love and life went into this music 20 years ago. We were kids with a dream, and we were pretty good. And we still love it today.

Now where were we?