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I.C. RED hits Bandcamp, just like Toad

It was another beautiful day here in Atlanta (if you like rain). Kidding aside, it was a great day. I was out doing my marketing thing (which I love) as the rain continued to set records in Atlanta.

Toad+The+Wet+SprocketMy favorite group these days is Toad The Wet Sprocket. No it’s not 1994, although it really feels like it. They were one of my favorites back in 1994. With me working on the I.C. RED album (that was recorded in 1992 – 1993) and Toad the Wet Sprocket having a resurgence here in this new media age (social media, internet, distribution) it very well could be 1994.

As I have followed Toad through their $250K Kickstarter campaign I have wandered into their other channels. I already have Facebook, Twitter & Google down, but they introduced me to Bandcamp. Bandcamp is a website where artists can sell their music directly to their fans with a lower margin hit (iTunes charges 30% Bandcamp charges 10-15%). It’s brilliant, just like Toad the Wet Sprocket. (I really wish I was 21 again and had a band today. It really is a great time to be an artist).

Anyway, back to Toad. These guys are such a great band. Their new album “New Constellation” is beautifully recorded (Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Mikal Blue – Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, Five For Fighting and OneRepublic). It also sounds like Toad from 1994. Heck from 1988. These guys have remained true. Now yeah, they did break up for 16 years, but that’s just a detail (actually it’s a detail that explains why I.C. RED never was…the music business lacks artistry. It will wear you down). But Toad is back now, and hopefully here to stay.

Now Bandcamp. I.C. RED will release our music there as well. So thanks Toad. Appreciate the idea.

And on another topic (boy the topics are flying in this blog post) you can take a minute to notice the similar chord changes in “100,000 Miles” & “Fall Down” – Toad the Wet Sprocket’s 1994 hit song. This is something that Vann has pointed out to me many times over the years. And FYI “100,000 Miles” was written in 1989 and recorded in 1992 years before we ever heard Toad’s tune (so know we did not copy Toad…we actually copied a 1986 release by Kool Moe Dee called “Bad Mutha”…you know I’m kidding). Although I’d like to believe there is some star crossed connection between us and Toad on “100,000 Miles”. Like some sort of new constellation. Ok, I was reaching there…Go Toad! Go I.C. RED!

You can hear “Fall Down” at this link (scroll down on the left):

PS – It’s D, F, C, G…or variations of…:)