Working on a story (get Adrien Brody)

In the middle of all the I.C. RED mixing and writing excitement I finished a song of mine that I wrote in 2006. Finally had the chance to record it and mix it up.Photo on 2013-07-26 at 21.32 Expect it up on iTunes next week.

The I.C. RED mixing continues. Wait until you hear some of the cool things brewing. We will deliver a strong album that you will enjoy. My personal guarantee. (I feel like a commercial).

I will say what VANN did to 100,000 Miles is nothing short of brilliant. I am too excited to have it released. Oh, my tune is nice also. It’s here…listen. Do I look like Adrien Brody? I swear when I wrote it, I sat there saying “who could play me in the movie, about my love story…” yes I cast Adrien Brody as me. I know…It’s all too much.

*My beautiful little 4 year old stepdaughter Callie has provided the CD cover art for the single. Buy on iTunes, click below.


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